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by Ian Fisher & The Past

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Official Music Video for "The Way To Go":

Raised on the river, living on the road... With many miles in his memory, and many more in sight, Ian Fisher has become the archetypal ramblin' songster he learned about from his father's record player. Round and round and round he goes - where he stops...

Ian Fisher was raised in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, a town of 4,000 honest folks between Highway 61 and the Mississippi River. He remembers spending days on his grandfather's farm and nights at the Dairy Queen. "There wasn't much to do but pick up a guitar and write a song," recounts Ian. The songs written in his Ste. Genevieve basement were about a world yet to be seen, a life waiting to be lived. "It didn't take long for those songs to feel like lies," Ian remembers. "I could write about whatever I wanted, but if it wasn't honest, it wasn't worth writing... or listening too, for that matter." It was time to say goodbye to the fields and find some truth down the road.

Leaving Ste. Genevieve behind, Ian set out for the "big city" of St. Louis, where the residents' dreams are like the many abandoned factories: oversized and decaying, but fertile soil for the creative few who choose to tend to them. He went looking for truth in books on politics and found it, but there was a hitch. "I found lots of truths in books, but not my own: other people's truths." Sure, that made for a better song than the ignorant musings of youth, but there was still no experience in those songs. And for that, there is only one place to turn: the road.

This go around, the road would lead somewhere different than just 50 miles up the Mississippi. Ian packed up his guitar case, got on a plane, and emigrated to Vienna, Austria. It was surreal. Being in Vienna, five thousand miles from his grandfather's farm, Ian felt like he was home for the first time. It only took 24 hours for him to know that he would be spending much more time on this side of the ocean. Here was inspiration! Here was freedom! Here was the first place that Ian experienced who he truly was. "And I'll be damned if the honest songs didn't start to flow like the Danube itself." All the same, this home away from home couldn't last. It seems that something else had already become Ian's home: the road.

In 2010, Ian traded his Viennese life for a short stint in New York City then a flat in Berlin, Germany, that would enable him to tour full time and he's been counting train tracks ever since. After hundreds of concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the U.S., seven self-released albums, and 953 songs (give or take a few), Ian has found a refrain. Like a dusty record, it spins endlessly: the road, the road, the road.

Ryan Thomas Carpenter
2012 - Missouri


released March 29, 2012

Ian Fisher – Vocals and Guitar

Max Andrzejewski - Drums (Expressway Sketches, New Found Land)
Simon Bauer - Bass (Hans Unstern Band, Berlin/Göteborg String Theory, Jose Gonzalez, Bernhard Eder, Slow Trio, Salt)
Ryan Carpenter - Wurlitzer, Backing Vocals, & 2nd Acoustic Guitar (The St. Louis MUNY Theater, The Nowhere Train)
Andreas Laudwein - Electric Guitar (The Alma Church Choir, Miss Kenichi, Lena Paul)
Ollie Samland - Pedal Steel (Strange Country, Bernhard Eder)
Rike Scheffler - Backing Vocals

Engineering - Roy Knauf (Deichkind, Peter Fox, Miss Platinum)
Mixing - Hannes Bieger (Mai., Junior)
Mastering - CALYX (Calexico, Jose Gonzalez, David Bowie, etc...)

Photographer - Andreas Jakwerth
Painter - Anna Kohlweis



all rights reserved


Ian Fisher & The Past Berlin, Germany

Ian Fisher (26) is a little man with a big voice, who is based in Berlin, Germany, and was raised on a farm in Missouri, USA. He has written nearly a thousand songs and has played just as many concerts all over the world. Those songs, like the man himself, are short and simple, but somehow stay with you and say a lot. He is a 21st Century Country musician... without a country. ... more

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Track Name: The Way To Go
The Way To Go:

I’ve been dreaming about a different life that fills my days more than my nights
And I’ve been cooking up a magic spell that makes a man rhyme words like heaven
With words like hell
I’ve been thinking about you a lot it makes me aware of what I’ve got to lose
And what I’m not ready to be

Chorus -
Take me for a ride like I’ve been taking you
Challenge me to love you
Make me change my mind about
What I’d planned to do
Push yourself away from me
So I can reach out and grab you

I’ve been dreaming in my head while I’ve been sleeping in your bed
If you could see those dreams I know you’d rhyme words like stay
With words like go
I’ve been stepping on your feet while you’ve been following me
Down empty streets that I do not know

I do not know the way to go
I do not know the way to go
I do not know the way to go
I don’t know the way to go

- Chorus -
Track Name: Hail Mary
Hail Mary full of grace
how I long to be with you, but I don't know how to be
Holy Mary mother of noone
how I long to be someone leave me be

Hail Mary I'm chained to you
waiting on you, praying on you
Holy Mary become my lover
lets forget the others and I'll marry you

Another virgin dream
Based on everything
Except reality
So come on let us see
If I can love anybody

Hail Mary now that I've won you
now that I don't want you leave me be
Holy Eyes holy lips
only lies I gave for this
Track Name: Probably Empty Now
What a memory that passed
Which of those promises lasted
Longer than the wicks in the wax
In glasses of plastic

What a dream it's become
I was young now I'm numb
To the feel past my fingers
On chords we were playing

That lighter with James Dean on the plate
It's probably empty now
The words that held us in place
It's probably empty now
The way the blood rushed to your face
It's probably empty now
And I'm wondering how I just let it all empty out

How I long for that youth
When I longed for you
Mixed naivety with truth
And innocence with darkness

Then one day it changed
I just pushed you away
Left you speak less and alone
Slowly forgot you

All those promises we made
They are empty now
That bed where we laid
It's empty now
Thinking about how it changed
Makes me feel empty
I'm wondering how I just let it all empty out
Track Name: A Pause
There was a pause
Then I spit them out
Some stranger's teeth
That had grown in my mouth
And could I call it truth
Of was it just doubt
Was it sweet or sour?
I can't figure it out

Though my feet did run
Parts of me held on
And I don't know why
No I, don't know why

There was a page
In a book I found
Lying on its face
I read it too myself
There were words
That didn't make much sense
All depending on
Chapters I had skipped

Though I was half way done
I still read on
And I don't know why
No I, don't know why

Reading backwards
Looking for questions to my answers

There were marks
You put in your own arm
Fresh red prints of teeth
Where you hid my harm